PWGrrrlGang Promotion List

The following is a list of safe, inclusive spaces for fans to enjoy independent wrestling throughout the UK, US, & Canada. Please see the key at the bottom for abbreviations.
If there is a promotion NOT on this list that you feel should be, or if you have had an experience at one of these promotions that you feel deems it inappropriate for our list, please let me know so it can be addressed.

Progress Wrestling (IG, PG-13)
London, UK

Pro Wrestling EVE (AF)
London, UK

Lucha Britannia (IG, R)
London, UK


Smash Wrestling (WM, IG, PG-13)
Toronto, ON

Alpha-1 Wrestling (IG, FF)
Hamilton, ON

Greek town Pro Wrestling (WM)
Toronto, ON


US – West Coast
Hoodslam (IG, R)
Oakland, CA

Sabotage Wrestling (AF, FF)
West Covina, CA

Premier (WM, FF)

Lucha Va Voom (IG, PG-13)
Los Angeles, CA

All Pro Wrestling (WM, FF)
San Francisco, CA

US – East Coast
MCW Pro Wrestling (WM, FF)
Baltimore, MD

House of Glory (IG, PG-13)
Queens, NY

Beyond Wrestling (IG, PG-13)
Providence, RI

Limitless Wrestling (WM, IG, FF)

NOVA Pro Wrestling (WM, FF)
Fairfax, VA

Excellence Wrestling (WM, IG, FF)
Lansdale, PA

Pioneer Valley Pro Wrestling
Pioneer Valley, MA

Chikara (IG, FF)
Philadelphia, PA

US – Midwest
Rockstar Pro Wrestling (WM, FF)
Dayton, OH

Freelance (WM, PG-13)
Chicago, IL

Olde Wrestling (WM, IG, FF)
Huron Co., OH

Shimmer Wrestling (AF)
Berwyn, IL

US – South
Shine (AF)

Universal Independent Wrestling (FF)
Temple, GA

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (IG, PG-13)
Atlanta, GA

Wrestle Circus (WM)
Austin, TX

Inspire Pro Wrestling (WM)
Austin, TX

Party World Rasslin
Austin, TX

River City Wrestling (IG, FF)
San Antonio, TX


AF = All Female
WM = Women’s Matches
IG = InterGender matches
FF = Family Friendly
PG-13 = Teens & up
R = Not appropriate for young people/under 18 not permitted