WTFriday: Hell in a Cell 2015

I tried writing two very different blog posts for today. Neither of them felt particularly good, and neither of them would be of any value to anyone who might read them, so I highlighted them and hit “DELETE”. But then I was staring at a blank screen, and growing more anxious. I tried going back and watching some old matches from when I got into WWE. It made me more anxious. I took a break and decided I needed a minute with myself. So I went back to some of my older writing. This is where I landed:

I wrote this piece on October 27th, 2014 – the day after the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View in Dallas, TX. Upon re-reading it, the post wasn’t so much a review as it was a rant. I was clearly amped up over the appearance of Bray Wyatt in the finish – and not in a good way. (NOTE: My actual favorite line in this piece is “The page before me remained blank, but after twenty minutes, blood was pouring from my ears.” I’m such a drama queen.) But it got me to thinking about Hell in a Cell this year. So I decided to google the card and went to the 2015 Wikipedia page.

And died laughing.

Thanks to whoever went through and edited that into existence. You absolutely made my Friday. And have created something new to get me through long weeks (and help break up the long-winded posts I tend to write) with something I’m dubbing WTFridays. Enjoy!

The Lady J Says