Return of the Mack

Well, look what the cat dragged in.

Your resident sass-machine is back in action, after a long (TOO LONG) trip back up north for the holiday. I hope Santa brought everyone exactly what they asked for. I’m rocking my new studio headphones right now to drown out everything but the music that pumps me up to write these posts for y’all. There’s a lot going on with the year coming quickly to a close, so let’s jump in.

Even though I was out of the house for most of the day on the 23rd, I did manage to catch a fair amount of the NXT episode that aired. I’m glad to have Sami Zayn back on NXT TV, and thoroughly enjoyed his match against Tye Dillinger. I don’t know that I’m as into the Perfect 10 gimmick as the London audience was, but Dillinger is a lot of fun to watch in the ring. I don’t know that anyone else would have made Sami’s return as positive for me – there was not real storyline involved, it was just a solid reminder of why we love Zayn and why it’s the best thing to happen in months on NXT that he’s back. I do think Dillinger deserves a more prominent spot on NXT programming and would like to see more high-profile matches for him.

I’m also really excited to see what happens next with NXT programming. Most of the big feuds were tied up after NXT Takeover: London, so we’re going to need new challengers for all of the titles, and new storylines moving people forward. Also, as NXT is headed to the midwest in January, we’re going to get hotter crowds as the NXT gang heads out of their Florida comfort zone to conquer more of the world. I look forward to what they’ll bring us at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas.

Speaking of Dallas, I think it would be silly of me to skip mentioning The Rock’s announcement today that he’s going to be involved with the event this year. It was a fairly vague announcement; he never came right out and said he’d be wrestling, but I like to believe he will. I’m sure there are detractors out there who argue that The People’s Champion being in a match means someone who works hard all year won’t get a spot. But when you think how many people are out injured right now, and will likely still be at Wrestlemania 32, I think there’s more than enough room to go around. (Maybe if Triple H can keep himself off the card, for example.) Whatever The Brahma Bull’s involvement in the Showcase of the Immortals ends up being, it will certainly be worth the price of admission.

I missed most of last week’s live SmackDown on Tuesday because I was up to my elbows in cookie dough. I did get to watch the main event, though, which I thought was alright. I’m not usually a huge fan of triple threat matches, as they tend to involve one person being inexplicably absent at various points in the match, but it was entertaining. And yes, it involved Dean Champbrose, so I was thrilled. The end of the year is typically a slow season for storylines because we haven’t quite gotten into Wrestlemania season yet, and most of the things post-TLC have been tied up. Plus, the programming around the holiday is usually more lighthearted.

That being said, I am interested to watch RAW tonight. It’s been announced that Vince McMahon will be on the program this week, which makes sense if you think of what happened the last time we saw him. The last image we were left with of Vince from two weeks ago was his body being shoved off the ring apron to the floor by Roman Reigns, who had just Superman-Punched the Chairman before pinning Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He’s not just going to let that go. I do hope the story between Mr. McMahon and the champ ends tonight, though, as the more we see of Vince, the less special his appearances become.

In other news, tomorrow I’ll be blogging about tonight’s RAW in the afternoon, and then heading off to SmackDown here in Washington D.C. at night. If you follow me on Twitter, I will make a concerted effort not to spoil anything for you. I will be going with two other fan friends, and a friend who has no idea what she’s getting herself into. A good time will (hopefully) be had by all – and yes, I’ll be wearing my Explicit Ambrose Violence hoodie (over my I’m a Paul Heyman Girl t-shirt). Expect a full review of that on Friday, so I don’t ruin anything for those of you who like to actually watch SmackDown.

That’s all for now, gang. Let’s see what the last RAW  of 2015 brings us. Check back tomorrow for the rantings and ravings!

The Lady J Says


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