Killing Yourself to Live

Tonight, a friend of mine came over to the house. She has never been into wrestling. She listens to me talk about it all the time, and I will be leaving the area for the holidays next week, so she wanted to come see me before I left. That meant watching RAW with me tonight.

This friend of mine was very enthusiastic. She knows how passionate I am about wrestling, and she asked a lot of questions. It was not very far into the opening segment that I was already shouting “what did I do to deserve this?” And then our conversations moved away from the show and it became background noise.

I know the general gist of what happened. I tuned back in for the important stuff (by which I mean the Stardust/Titus promo, and Bad Day Rocks.) But all in all, the show was actual garbage. There was really nothing to analyze or consider. Nothing to get optimistic about. I am actually going to take the next five days to try and find anywhere else in the world to be than in front of my TV during TLC. That’s how bad this show was.

The sixteen-man tag team match was ridiculous. Team Bella vs. Team Bad was pointless, except to set up a quick scene with the New Day. New Day vs Lucha Dragons was unnecessary. Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler was also unnecessary, except to set up a fun little segment with Food Throwing Dean Ambrose. By the way, is Ambrose a heel or a babyface with behavior like that? No one knows. No one cares. Ryback vs. Rusev is silly. So is Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio. I’m all for Del Rio ditching Zeb Colter and Colter returning to be Swagger’s manager, but if it didn’t or didn’t happen I wouldn’t care more than I do right now. And I certainly do not care about what happens between Charlotte and Paige. Or even what happens to the Diva’s Championship.

The entire show was summed up best by my companion for the evening:

“If, in some universe, I had never been exposed to professional wrestling, and somehow stumbled onto this episode, I would literally never watch wrestling again.”

The Lady J Says


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