Identity Crisis

I’m not sure I even know who I am anymore, and that is a terrible feeling. Since I started the Lady J twitter in June of 2014, I have always been the same person: I am a Dean Ambrose fan. My most-used hashtag on twitter is #EXPLICITAMBROSEVIOLENCE. I’m the person who has been waiting for Dean Ambrose to become totally unhinged and start causing random chaos within WWE. I am a loyal fan.

I think.

I knew there was a really good chance that anything Ambrose did following his feud with Seth Rollins would pale in comparison. His promo work during that feud was untouchable – passionate, fun, engrossing. But the first thing they did with him after the Rollins feud was a run with Bray Wyatt. In theory, this should have been amazing, because they are both such a good promo. But it made absolutely no sense, and only served to paint Ambrose as a more ridiculous and silly character than Bray Wyatt.

Now, a year removed from that feud, Ambrose is going to be in a match against Kevin Owens for Owens’ Intercontinental Championship. Why is this happening? Ambrose’s style befits moments of rage and passionate violence – not title matches. What is he even doing going for a title anyway? What is he going to do with it, demand more money from Vince? I don’t think Vince McMahon could pick Dean Ambrose out of a line up.

Before Seth Rollins was injured last month, we were dancing around the possibility that Ambrose might turn on Reigns at the Survivor Series PPV. Obviously, that’s not what ended up happening. When I think back on it now, if Rollins wasn’t injured, would an Ambrose heel turn really have saved anyone? I doubt it. I think Ambrose as a heel would just become Crazy Guy Who Loses All The Time (see also: Bray Wyatt). And it wouldn’t have served to get Roman Reigns over to have another of his brothers turn on him, because regardless of the complete absurdity of his character or storylines, Ambrose is more over than Reigns.

So when I see a poll pass by on my Twitter feed suggesting the WWE Universe wants Dean Ambrose to win the 2016 Royal Rumble, I think everyone has lost their damn minds. Dean Ambrose has no business being in a spot like that. I don’t even want him in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture because he has no purpose there! A character like Ambrose doesnt need titles, he needs things to break and things to steal.

Does that mean I’m no longer a fan of his? Of course I’m an Ambrose fan. But there’s a difference between being the kind of fan who simply cheers their favorite and gets lost in the storylines and people like me who look at the whole product and see nothing but a horror. Just making sure your favorite gets over is not being a good fan. Maybe it’s being a passionate fan, but it’s not being good to the product. Telling interesting stories and utilizing the unique characters within the roster has to come first. Let me repeat that: IT. HAS. TO. COME. FIRST. Nothing else matters. I don’t care how many PPV buys you get or how much merchandise you sell. If you can’t tell a solid story and really use the talents of the people on your roster to their fullest potential, you aren’t doing your job.

I love watching Dean Ambrose, but I don’t want him in a storyline where he doesn’t belong. I don’t want him throwing food in Kevin Owens’ face – or maybe I do. It wouldn’t be the first time. But not over a title. I’m not even worried about dragging the title down into a food fight. I’m more concerned about what Ambrose cares of titles, unless it’s to play Monkey in the Middle with Rollins’ championship belt. Do I want to see him in feuds where he can be passionate and wild? Absolutely. Do I want to see him do ridiculous stunts and cut off-the-cuff promos? You bet. But I don’t want him doing anything that just paints him to be some nut-job who cares and then doesn’t care about things based on what someone else tells him to do – his storylines should appear random. They can even seem made-up, as though he imagined having beef with someone.

Maybe nothing that Ambrose does is ever going to be as good as standing on top of the Hell in a Cell structure. Maybe nothing will top what he did with Seth Rollins. But maybe if WWE understood how he worked as a performer, and what the drive of the character is, they could create something that satisfies more than just some weirdo Dean Ambrose fan.

And then maybe they could try doing that some thing with everyone on the roster.

The Lady J Says


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