Lady J’s Compendium of Knowledge

I spent all day on Tuesday trying to come up with a decent blog post, but decided you were all better off with nothing at all than with the garbage that was coming to my mind. It’s Wednesday now and almost time for my favorite holiday: Foodsgiving. It is a family tradition to: watch the parade on TV, spend an hour praying that my broccoli souffle won’t collapse in the oven, place dollar bets on all the football games, and sneak into the fridge for an extra slice of pumpkin pie around midnight. Knowing that all of these things are in my future, I’m trying to let that good mood take over. I’m even playing Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” at work.

Monday was a weird day for me. I woke up feeling just as happy as I had when I went to bed after Survivor Series. I went off to run a few errands and was promptly broad-sided by someone in an SUV. But no matter – I wasn’t hurt and my car wasn’t too badly damaged, so I returned quickly to my good mood. I got home and found The Dog had snuck into the last of my Nilla Wafers, but he’s too cute to admonish so I still floated through my good mood. I listened to some podcasts and read articles of people who were going to boycott RAW that night (what did ya’ll watch instead? Football? *sobs into Bills jersey*) But still, my good mood would not quit!

For any of you who were following along with me during RAW on Monday night, you know what happened: J had too much Chianti and ended yelling at the TV. And not in a good “I’m so involved in this” way. I was so incredibly disappointed in every single thing that happened during that three hour program (arguably the only thing that didn’t bother me was the promo involving Stardust and Titus O’Neill.) I could fill up volumes with the kind of rant I wanted to go on at about 11:10pm. But I didn’t. I did laundry. I watched a movie. I went to bed.

Now, two days later, almost 48 hours removed, I am not angry anymore. I’m just disappointed. And now I’m even more angry about that ridiculous interview Triple H did where he said most of us internet fans don’t have 1/100th of the information necessary to book the WWE product. What absolute garbage that is. Not only are you refusing to utilize talented writers to create compelling storylines, you’re feigning difficulty when you can’t actually be bothered TRYING to get it right.

So, instead of walking away (which I am very tempted to do) or giving up writing about WWE (also EXTREMELY tempting) I am going to fine-tune my attention, like using a zoom lens in my writing. Looking at the WWE product as a whole is vomit-inducing, so let’s instead focus on a place where a lot of the problems stem from: characters. I am going to sacrifice myself on the alter of all of WWE-fandom and produce (over the coming weeks) character charts for every main roster gimmick currently in the WWE. I don’t promise I’ll do the part-time people, but I will do all of the full-time people, men and women, singles and teams.

I’m going to call it Lady J’s Compendium of Knowledge. And it starts tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. And also, you’re welcome.

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