Survivor Series 2015 – Previews & Predictions

The time has finally arrived – tonight is the Survivor Series PPV. It is an overcast, cold day here in Virginia, so I am very much looking forward to curling up on the couch with the dog and watching this particular part of the WWE story unfold before me.

The stories that have gotten us to this point are not all compelling, I must admit. Some of them are leaning too heavily on the appeal of certain wrestlers instead of a well-crafted plot. I will, of course, tune into the Brothers of Destruction/Wyatt match, but it doesn’t really matter who wins. This should not ever, ever, be something a wrestling fan says. The outcome of the match may not be relevant in the title picture, and sometimes stories are built around the idea that no matter who wins, what comes next will be exciting. But the outcome should not be irrelevant in that after the match is over the storyline will change in a way that the previous plot might as well not have existed. That is exactly how I feel about this match.

The WWE World Heavyweight Title picture is more exciting. I think most of us feel that it’s likely Roman Reigns will win, but we’re not sure how WWE will get him to that point. There are a lot of variables and a lot of possibilities. There is also always the chance that we’re wrong and someone else leaves Atlanta as the champion. I am looking forward to all of the matches involved in this story – the two semifinal matches and the final – and have hope that even if I am not pleased with the outcome, that they may set up and interesting new storyline going forward for the new champion.

You all know I have been avoiding talking too in-depth about the Diva’s Championship nonsense that’s been going around, so all I will say about this match is that I hope it ends quickly, and that they either move Charlotte into an entirely new feud, or they put more focus on women NOT in the championship picture for a little bit and give us all a chance to wash that bad taste from our mouths.

As much as I am a fan of watching Dolph Ziggler’s in-ring work, I am a little sad WWE felt the need to rush to a match between him and Tyler Breeze amid all the other chaos. The feud between these two was never given a chance to fully developed while Ziggler was involved in the tournament, so I’m not even sure why they’re fighting. Is it because only one self-centered blonde guy can be on the roster at a time? It seems like that might be it – that, or they’re fighting over Summer Rae which seems implausible. I’m not sure where you take the story after this fight ends, except putting both of these guys with new opponents.

As for the actual Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Tag Match – I am baffled. I am bewildered. I am confounded, dumb-struck, perplexed, and perturbed. This is the match that entire PPV is built around. I’m sure that before Seth Rollins’ injury, there was a planned 5-on-5 match. I don’t know when in the timeline from Hell in a Cell to Survivor Series we were going to find out who was in that match and why, but I don’t doubt one was pre-planned. I also imagine that it’s true that match had to be altered to account for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. But how do you get to the day of the PPV and still not tell us who is in the match? Is that how you sell a show to your audience? Yes, the first match of Hell in a Cell in October was John Cena vs. a Mystery Opponent who turned out to be Alberto Del Rio and he won the US Championship that night. But ten mystery people? I’m not intrigued. I’m not even thinking of entertaining it. I’m instead planning on taking a twenty minute break during this match to sing Alice’s Restaurant to the dog (with full orchestrations and five-part harmony.)

I don’t know where any of these things go after the PPV is over. So I suppose I am interested to know what comes next. I also always enjoy Tables, Ladders, & Chairs as a PPV, so it should be a fun (slightly terrifying) one to watch. And after that, we’re looking at Royal Rumble, so there is hope on the horizon.

Lady J’s Survivor Series Predictions:

Charlotte (c) vs. Paige for the Diva’s Championship: Charlotte retains
Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler: Tyler Breeze
The Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker & Kane) vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman): The Brothers of Destruction
Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio (Semi-Final): Roman Reigns
Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose (Semi-Final): Kevin Owens
Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns

There are also a few things I would like to see in this PPV. First of all, every match in the Hell in a Cell PPV ended clean. Not one bit of interference. Maybe we could get some heels behaving like heels this time. That would be fun. Also, every single tournament match thus far has ended by pin-fall. Isn’t it interesting that NO ONE won by submission? The only individual left who we’ve seen use submission maneuvers is Alberto Del Rio and I don’t imagine him beating Roman Reigns with one. Just a thought, though. Also I’m not going to speculate on a match where I don’t even know who the participants are so I imagine someone will win the 5-on-5 match. And that’s all I’ve got. Make sure you leave your predictions in the comments or tweet me and tell me what you think.

The Lady J Says



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