You Feel Me?

“I don’t want this.”

This exact phrase keeps reappearing on my Twitter feed. It’s in response to a lot of things: football scores, political debates, and – yes – pro-wrestling. Whatever the end result is – or even what it appears to be – we don’t want it. We reject it. We’re going to cross our arms and pout until we get our way.

So what do you want? You want your guy to win. You want your team to win. You want to see your values, your ideals, your hopes, all of it reflected before you. You want to be proven right. You want the media, the entertainment you consume to be a looking glass where you can see how brilliant you are. But what does that mean you’re missing?

What if your desire for something so specific causes you to miss the value of what is in front of you? Are you even seeing the whole picture?

The WWE Universe is having one giant, simultaneous nervous breakdown over Seth Rollins’ knee injury. He had to vacate the title, which we’re told will be filled via a tournament at Survivor Series. Half of the WWE Universe is despondent that Rollins had to walk away at such a crucial time in his career. The other half is elated that someone else is getting a chance to shine – a group made almost entirely of people hopeful THEIR favorite will be the next champ. These people will likely also be disappointed, because most of them will not see their hero crowned champion, and the ones whose guy does come away with the belt will likely find his story less than palatable.

I know what you’re fuming now.
“If you’re so smart, what do YOU want, J?”
Well, first of all – that’s no way to talk to a lady. I am The Lady J for a reason, and I expect to be addressed as such. Second of all, I want NOTHING. And I shall receive it, in abundance.

No matter how many times you might claim “I knew they were going to do that,” you don’t always. Sometimes, WWE surprises its audience. And that’s what I’m hoping for – a surprise. I want to be caught off guard. I’m hoping Dean Ambrose wins the tournament, goes outside the arena and promptly sells the WWE World Heavyweight title to the first fan willing to give him a case of Heineken and the Band Aids from Almost Famous. I’m hoping Bray Wyatt actually buries everyone in the tournament and uses the title belt to store the souls of Kane and Undertaker like a Horcrux. I hope Triple H comes out to win the title, insistent that he’s done trusting these young kids. I hope Ric Flair wins it to put more distance between his title record and John Cena.

All I want is for something to happen. I don’t need it to be the greatest thing to ever happen in WWE history. I just need it to make me feel something other than the desire to change the channel.

What do I want? I want to feel something – like, maybe, alive.

The Lady J Says


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