It never Reigns…

Originally, I was going to write something off of Monday’s creative/talent/audience post. I started a draft and everything – even made myself some notes. And then I opened up my Twitter feed.

I was honestly not expecting to hear that Seth Rollins had torn his ACL & MCL and would be out recovering for 6-9 months. I even mentioned last night that I would be angry if he was injured (after seeing the video of him and Kane overseas) since he spends so much time running his mouth about Crossfit being great for injury prevention. But here we are. No one is immune. And as sad as I am to hear that one of my favorite wrestlers to watch (and favorite heels to boo) is out on injury, my bigger concern is that now we have a vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

You’re going to be reading a lot of hypothesis on what happens next. I imagine the internet is just about flooded with hopeful plots to give mid-card favorites a chance to shine in the title picture. I think that’s great. I, too, have dreams I never utter aloud about my personal favorites holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over their head. But they are just that – dreams. I know that following (and falling in love with) anything that happens inside WWE requires both a suspense of disbelief and a great deal of patience. I have very little hope that WWE will turn this unfortunate situation into anything but a train wreck.
It has already been announced that there will be a tournament at Survivor Series, so we know HOW the new champ will be decided. I’m already reading reports that WWE may ask some of the talent who are out for vacation or who have already met their contractual to return for this event. I think they are more than capable of creating an exciting tournament out of the talent remaining. I hope they do NOT bring back the likes of John Cena or Brock Lensar and use the tournament to elevate an already bleeding mid-card while still crowning their chosen boy (which was destined to happen anyway.)
I’ve also been reading a great deal of reference to Deadly Games in 1998 which I personally think is silly. That was a planned angle, not something sprung on WWE out of nowhere. I don’t know why anyone in the audience thinks WWE could come up with that intricate a cover when they’re currently running the gang who can’t shoot straight in the creative department. 
My hope is that we get to see some solid matches and that we don’t lose the one storyline I already like: The Wyatts vs The Brothers of Destruction. I’m also still hopeful for an Ambrose heel turn amidst the chaos. But what I am most curious about is the road not taken – what were we due for at Survivor Series if Seth hadn’t gotten injured? Was he actually going to drop his title? Maybe – maybe not. I am not hopeful that this new title reign will be any better than what we could have had, post-PPV. But I’m happy to be proven wrong.
That’s the thing about being a pessimist. You can never be disappointed – only pleasantly surprised.


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