Look at the Whole Board

I don’t know anything about chess. I know it’s extremely complicated and that it dates back to the 6th Century C.E. I have watched many people play, in parks and on breaks at jobs. I’ve even seen some people play online, though the magnificent physical pieces have always struck me most. A phrase I’ve heard before when more experienced players are trying to teach novices is a reminder to always look at the big picture: “see the whole board.” This phrase is something I try to keep in mind for all I do in life – don’t get hung up on the little things. Look beyond them. And it works in wrestling, too.

Now that Hell in a Cell is over, the whole landscape of WWE has changed. We now Brock Lesnar (with a win over Undertaker), John Cena (with a loss to Alberto Del Rio and missing his US championship), and Randy Orton (with a shoulder injury) are all out for the rest of the year. Every single feud was put to bed on Sunday’s paper view. There were seven matches (not counting the pre-show) and all seven ended in a clean finish. Even the main event, which technically was capped off with an appearance by the Wyatt Family, didn’t see usurpers appear until after the bell had rung. So tonight, it was time to start some new feuds.

Working backwards from Hell in a Cell, Bray Wyatt came out and cut a bizarre promo in which he referred to the Undertaker’s soul as being ripped to pieces and asked the audience to give him a moment of silence. Afterwards, Kane came out, and was promptly ambushed by Wyatt’s minions before being carried out, crucifix-style, by the Family. I imagine this is leading to some kind of Survivor Series match in which the Brothers of Destruction (and partners) face The Wyatt Family.

You also had a #1 contender’s match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After four matches, the winner of each was entered into a fatal four-way, the winner receiving a match for the title against Seth Rollins. The clear winner was Roman Reigns, though I had hoped before he could get there we’d see a Dean Ambrose heel turn. The fatal four-way was an excellent match and built so that I was actually surprised for a moment when Reigns won. Then he and Seth stared each other down til the show went off air. I imagine this match will also happen at SurvivorSeries, though I can’t imagine how they’ll sustain it for another four weeks. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we’ll see the match before the PPV, and that’s when Dean will turn and it will be Ambrose vs. Reigns at Survivor Series and Rollins will have something else to do. Like laugh.

As four Reigns’ other three opponents in the fatal four-way, it looks as though there are some other stories there as well. I’m not sure who they’re going to be throwing at Del Rio in the future, but his gimmick seems all screwed up. I think, in light of what caused him to leave WWE in the first place, the best thing to do would have been to bring him back as a wily, hungry heel and let him climb over everyone. Instead they’ve paired him with a reformed Zeb Colter and let him comment on the immigration of UK-born WWE wrestlers. How on earth anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me. Someone save this gimmick before the man defects back to Lucha Underground where he belongs.

Dolph Ziggler is clearly headed into a Battle of the Blondes against Tyler Breeze and Breeze’s new valet/girlfriend, Summer Rae. I have no doubt these two will put on excellent matches together, but I’m not sure what the story is. The Dolph is older? By 8 years. That would be like Triple H telling Stephanie she’s too young to understand. What? How silly. Why can’t the storyline just be that Tyler is from NXT and he wants to make a name for himself so he’s going to go through everyone, starting with The Showoff. Why does it ever need to be more than that?

Finally, Kevin Owens qualified for the fatal four-way against Cesaro. Now we’ve seen these two battle it out before and these matches are incredible. In my opinion, that was the best match of the night, hands-down. I wish they weren’t blowing these matches on RAW. These are definitely two cats I’d like to see in an iron man match for the title and it would probably blow everyone else on the card out of the water. But I’d like to see them work with someone else for a bit. Maybe Cesaro take the US title off of Del Rio. Maybe they should put Owens in a match with a heel like Sheamus or Barrett (who desperately needs a feud worth watching before we all forget how good the Bad News Barrett gimmick was. Remember BNB on his podium with his gavel? BNB. Oh forget it.

Even the women managed to move the story along, albeit in a really obnoxious way. I don’t know why Charlotte, Becky, & Paige had to lose to The Bella Twins and irrelevant Alicia Fox just so Paige could predictably turn on Charlotte and Becky. Can we please now disband all the women’s teams and just let them beat the crap out of one another? That’s all I want. No more story lines. Just fighting. Lots of actual fighting. Force them all to get good at that by not giving them anything else. Then make everyone on the creative team read a book, watch some non-WWE TV and a few movies before they’re allowed to write again.

As far as the tag team champions The New Day go, I have no idea what is in store for them. But if they keep showing up on my TV and cutting promos that actually make the guy in the ring that they’re cutting the promo on LAUGH, then they can stay tag champs. Forever.

New. Day Rocks.

The Lady J Says

The Lady J’s To Watch List:
1. Alberto Del Rio – who knows where this is going.
2. Cesaro – always watch Cesaro. One day they’re going to give this man his dues.
3. Dean Ambrose – sneaky sneaky right here – something is up his sleeves. Other than his arms.
4. Kevin Owens – dude needs a solid opponent, other than a possible returning Sami Zayn.
5. Survivor Series main event – what is going on with The Wyatts and The Brothers of Destruction?


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