Hell in a Belt

I’ve been thinking about something lately. It’s sparkly and has butterflies on it – the Diva’s Championship belt. This belt has been bothering me for since I returned to watching the WWE product. It is, of course, tied to the fact that they now call it the Diva’s division. I have never been sure why it was necessary to delineate the men from the women at all, much less call them something entirely different (as though what the women were doing wasn’t wrestling. I’m pretty sure there’s always been a word for the women involved in storylines who don’t wrestle, and it’s “valet”.)

If WWE is serious about a revolution, they should make sure it ends on the other side of the Diva’s term – as in putting it in their past. On the heels of the Iron(wo)man Match that Sasha Banks and Bayley had at NXT Takeover: Respect, I think it’s safe to say we no longer need to use the qualifier “for girls” when saying “that was an amazing match”. So maybe it’s time to stop referring to the women using a word with such a negative connotation that not even Queen Bey herself could take it back.

If we can all agree (and I’ve just decided we all can – live with it) that the term “diva” is outdated and asinine, maybe it’s time to also give these incredible women a belt to match. Something more in the vein of the WWE World Heavyweight belt. Speaking of which…

Remember back when the big gold belt was still a thing? Back in 2013 when Randy Orton started carrying around both titles, I started wondering how long it would take them to unite the physical belts. I, personally, think it’s more impressive to carry two titles. But if you’re actually looking to unify the two titles into one, you should have one belt. After Brock Lesnar took John Cena to Suplex City at SummerSlam in 2014, they finally debuted the current WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, and it is befitting a champion. It also represents a whole new caliber of champion.

If WWE is ready to make a change in their women’s division, perhaps it’s also time to change the look of the belt. While I never felt that the old Women’s Championship was particularly spectacular to look at, at least it didn’t look like it was made out of plastic. There is an element of pretend that I associate with the Diva’s title – it looks like a girl is holding a fake belt and pretending to be WWE World Heavyweight champion. That’s a ridiculous image to have associated with a title whose division is populated with athletes that regularly blow the main roster men out of the water.

I don’t imagine we’re going to see a new belt any time soon – but maybe one day when it’s on Sasha Banks (where it belongs) she can see to it that she has a title fit for a real champion.

The Lady J Says


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